CelebrateLast week, we shared with our readers the scores from our latest state audit. While we were proud to achieve a 98% overall compliance rate, the part of the audit findings that really warmed our collective hearts was a summary of statements made by individuals who were interviewed as part of the audit process. We thought we would share some of them with you, because they are such an amazing combination of hilarious, touching, and inspiring. See what you think!

  • “Before I came to Perry Wellness Center, I was just going from room to room with nothing to do, and I took a suggestion from my case manager four years ago. I came to PWC to do arts and crafts, and now you can see that smile on my face. I have got somewhere to go and something to do.”
  • “Stuart is crazy, but he’s got good quality leadership. He is always telling me, ‘you can do better’ and ‘strive to be better.’ He always says, ‘Get up. What are you working on?’”
  • “I was a secretary, and I was shot when I was 23 years old, and now I don’t see that incident so much anymore. I have peace now. I do not have to argue with anyone or be scared. I trust in the Lord and that is number one. I think the Lord led me down here to this place.”
  • “I feel safer here than being alone at home. I get along with everyone. Some even call me ‘mama.’”
  • “I see so much love and potential here. Nobody gives up until they get an answer.”
  • “I wish that we could get more people in here to get the structure and foundation. People come in broken, but they [the staff] have the techniques to build them up – mind, body, and spirit. They don’t leave nothing out!”
  • “I like this program because it gives you a lot of options, support, and the staff are friendly. The staff here helps me when I am depressed. I feel I can talk to them, and they supported me when I separated from my wife.”

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is pleased with the results, after acknowledging that staff members were “fearful” prior to the audit. He explains, “It has been so long since our last review that we had pages of documents to check and make ready for their visit. It makes me feel great to hear the comments of two new reviewers. I think my staff and family are doing a great job.”

From the above comments, it seems that many individuals agree with that assessment!

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