Christmas goalGoal setting is a regular part of every peer’s recovery program at Perry Wellness Center. But the real satisfaction comes in goal meeting. Kenneth Christmas recently met an important personal goal that was worth all the effort of study, testing, and expense, when he received his driver’s license.

Kenneth has been associated with Stuart Perry, PWC founder and CEO, since 2010, and was known as a hard worker. “I began at 14 at Carter’s Chicken in Americus,” he recalls. “I then worked at the old Hardees and then at McDonald for three years. When Golden Corral came to Americus in 1978, I worked there and worked for them in other cities for 13 years. I am now at Perry Wellness Center and love my day.”

Kenneth acknowledges that he lost his license in 1997 due to a failure to pay child support. In 2016, a court judge reinstated his eligibility to apply for a license.

“After paying about $170 for fees, I now have a 2004 4-Runner and can drive,” Kenneth notes. “I pay $650 every six months for insurance and have other expenses. I am thrilled to be making progress in putting my adult life back together. It has been tough sometimes.”

He recalls that he failed the on-line test once to obtain his license. Then he read the study book three times. “I learned that you have to carefully read the multiple-choice selections on that test,” Kenneth explains. “It has to be word for word when you answer.”                                                          

Kenneth concludes, “I love this place and Stuart and Pam have been good to me. I want to better myself and work harder as I improve my life.”

Here, Kenneth Christmas proudly displays the temporary renewal of his Georgia Driver's License.

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