Market PricesRudy’s Happy Patch Market is announcing its latest summer prices for fresh produce. In addition to the fruits and vegetables listed below, we also offer everything from freshly shelled butter beans to seafood.

We offer locally or regionally grown produce to ensure freshness and to promote local growers. Prices can change with those of local suppliers. Feel free to call us at 229-942-9313 if you need to review our latest inventory.  Summer market hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

P.S. Don't forget to check out our greenhouses with lots of blooming plants and hanging baskets!


Rudy’s Happy Patch Market


June 21. 2017


Bananas                                                           $.50 or 3/$1

Plums                                                               $.50 or 3/$1

Grapefruit                                                         $.75 each

Apples                                                              $.50 each

Peaches                                                           $.50 or $7 per basket

Kiwi Fruit                                                          $.50 each

Lemons                                                            $.50 or 3/$1

Limes                                                               $.50 or 3/$1

Cabbage                                                          $2.00 any size

Honeydew Melon                                             $4.50 each

Carrots                                                             $1.50 per bag

Rutabagas                                                        $2.00 each

Yellow Squash                                                  $1.50 per pound

Zucchini Squash                                               $1.00 per pound

Broccoli                                                             $1.00

Cucumbers                                                      $.50 each

Green Bell Pepper                                            $.50 each

Red/Yellow Bell Pepper                                    $.100 each

Banana Pepper                                                 $1.50 each

Romaine Lettuce                                              $3.00 per bundle

Okra                                                                 $1.50 (ask)

Green Beans                                                    $1.75 per pound

Cauliflower                                                       $2.00 per head

Strawberries                                                    $4.00 per container

Avocados                                                             $1.25 each

Oranges                                                                $2/$1

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