With the increasing foot traffic of peers and staff on the Perry Wellness Center campus, keeping everything tidy and clean is a daily concern. Two areas receiving the most traffic are the classroom building and the market.  Both areas also feature expanses of glass, from windows to display cases.

Reanna DanielsPWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is a stickler for clear and clean visibility, especially at the market. He explains, “With the customer traffic that we are enjoying at our market, I want all of the glass cleaned each day so that customers may see the many products that we offer in our expanding inventory.”

During the cooler months, peers spend more of their assigned work time in the classroom building, and the priority for clear views shifts to its floor-to-ceiling windows. Reanna Daniels keeps the classroom building sparkling, but is now extending her tasks to include glass cleaning of the many refrigeration boxes at the market.

“I enjoy doing this glass cleaning,” Reanna says. “I have a part in making customers welcome at Happy Patch Market.”

In the photo above, Reanna cleans off soft drink ice boxes at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

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