Creamed CornWhen it comes to “farm to table” cuisine, Perry Wellness Center practices what it preaches. The center is home to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, and its bins, shelves, and coolers are stocked with fresh, locally grown vegetables. Much of the produce is grown on site, in raised garden beds tended by peers in the program.

The center also provides a hot breakfast and lunch to the more than seventy peers who attend the daily program. It is only a short walk from the market to the large cafeteria, where garden-fresh peas, tomatoes, okra, and corn make frequent appearances on the summer menus. As summer moves into its later days, plans are underway for warming autumn soups, filled with vegetables.

Corn on the cob was the hit of the lunch menu this week. Even as cafeteria patrons enjoy fresh corn, it is also being creamed and prepared for freezing and storage after its growing season.

In the photo, Penny Davis removes corn from the cob in the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria.

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