An Uninvited Visitor

Tree CleanupFor all our Georgia and Florida readers, we hope that your visit from Hurricane Irma was more of an inconvenience than a disaster. We join so many others in prayers for those who suffered losses in this remarkable storm.

Here in southwest Georgia, we dodged most of the flooding and serious winds, contending more with flying lawn furniture, downed limbs, and extensive power outages. We’re happy to report that power is beginning to return to the area today.

To avoid having folks out on the roads in such bad weather, we closed down Perry Wellness Center yesterday. As staff and peers return, they can look forward to some clean-up on campus. But we’re very grateful for everyone’s safety.

For individuals dealing with the effects of mental illness, disruptions in their daily schedule can create anxiety. (To be honest, the same is true for all of us!) So our public service message, post-Irma: let’s be patient with each other. Let’s be kind. And let’s be grateful.

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