After Wrist SurgeryAs many of us started another work week this bright Monday morning, we may have grumbled a bit as we headed out the door, wishing for a longer weekend or just a few more hours of sleep. For those of us who didn’t put our best foot forward, we can look to Perry Wellness Center peer for some inspiration.

Mike Harper is a longtime member of the Perry Wellness Center community. He is proud of his work ethic and particularly enjoys doing lawn maintenance activities on campus. For several years, he has tackled weed eradication, plant placement, rose maintenance, and, particularly during this season, raking the lawns.

Several weeks ago, Mike underwent surgery to repair a wrist ailment. After only a few days of rest, Mike was back at work. With his hand and arm wrapped to his elbow, he resumed his regular work on the grounds.

“Stuart and this place have been good to and for me,” Mike explains. “I want to help it look the best.” That’s the spirit!

In the photo above, Mike Harper takes a brief break in the midst of the Knockout roses he maintains on the Perry Wellness Center campus.

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