compostOur glamour topic for the day: repurposing trash!

Recently a couple of enterprising members of the Perry Wellness Center team, Mulkey McMichael and Jeff Williams, implemented a composting and recycling program at the center. Given the volume of goods that are grown or consumed on the premises, particularly at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, our “output” was in danger of becoming unmanageable!

Now a large composting bin gathers everything from overripe fruits to corn shucks. Using donated materials, the team constructed a camouflaged bin and are already planning a larger mulching pit. Discarded organic materials will come in quite handy in the center’s greenhouses and garden beds, once they have completed the composting process.

In addition to recycling organic wastes, we are now recycling plastics and aluminum in a new pilot program.

We’re try to demonstrate to our peer members and the community that we can all be responsible citizens when it comes to taking care of the environment.

If you’d like to help out in our efforts or learn more about recycling and composting, give us a call!



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