Jeff Williams pruning plantsPerry Wellness Center staff member Jeff Williams has been called a Renaissance man because of his many talents, which include fine art painting. He has even had an exhibition at the world’s most famous museum, the Louvre. Closer to home, he now has a star on the downtown Americus Walk of Fame.

But Jeff has other skills that serve him well on the PWC campus, including manual dexterity with a variety of practical tools, from pruning shears to paint rollers to hammers. Since the relocation of the former Tom Perry Peer Center to its current Furlow Street location, Jeff has been an active project manager and all-around hard worker.

As spring prepares to emerge this year, Jeff is focusing on campus landscaping. He notes, “I remember when I helped Stuart and Pam design and create a new space when we moved to Furlow Street. It has been a challenge for all of us, but I cannot bear seeing some of our plants to go without proper maintenance. When I walk by a plant that needs attention, I try to stop and do what I can.”

These days, in addition to planting new trees and shrubs as needed, Jeff may be pruning mature plants or addressing plumbing needs for a newly designed campus water feature. (More on that later!)

In the photo above, Jeff Williams carefully trims the dead and decayed stalks from an a gave cactus.

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