BalloonsPerry Wellness Center groups are filled with discussion, information sharing, and activity. The best groups stimulate the mind, heart, and senses. One recent morning demonstrated this fact well.

Peers first participated in a group session of exercise and therapeutic dancing, as such activities promote wellness and social interaction. After this session, both peers and staff were abuzz about the upcoming group information session. Designed to encourage peer sharing, the group began with one assignment: write down a positive memory or ideal word to consider when setting your life-improvement goals.

What was yet to come? The magic of balloons! Even an adult heart is thrilled with the sight of colorful balloons on the ascent. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explained that the handwritten notes would be tied to helium-filled balloons and then released.

“Color is important to all of us,” Stuart noted. “Balloons filled with helium are exciting for everyone and add a unique prop to a group.”

As peers prepared their individual notes, Stuart anticipated the next step. “I look forward to sitting in on this group,” he said with a smile.

In the photo above, staff member and balloon herder Sarah Teal counts the multi-colored balloons prior to their release.

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