Fresh plumsOne of Perry Wellness Center’s most beloved peers, Sherry Robinson is always happy to share her message of hope and recovery with others. She also shares materially with others who are in need.

“It is very important that I share with those who cannot fend for themselves,” Sherry explains. “I have a giving heart. I was raised that way, and I know what it is like no to have anything.”

She attends Perry Wellness Center six days each week. “I like Perry Wellness Center,” Sherry says, “Because they have met my needs for 11 years of recovery. Groups have helped me with my recovery from drugs and alcohol. There are others who have been through the same sickness. These events in our lives may or may not be discussed, but we have a common friendship.”

Each day this week, Sherry has picked ripened plums from several trees in her yard and brought them to share with others.

“I like to see the smiles on the faces of my friends who share the plums,” she notes. “It is better to share them with friends before they rot or are eaten by birds!” Further, she explains, “The plums have helped us meet and talk.”

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry appreciates the spirit of sharing and caring displayed by Sherry and others. He notes, “As we have more groups and interactions with our staff and peers, I am seeing a new chapter at Perry Wellness Center. Our discovery of increased problems in today’s world has caused us to become more aware of the needs of our population.” And sometimes a connection can be made over a simple bowl of plums.

In the photo above, Sherry Robinson sits before a table filled with bowls of freshly washed plums, offering them to others at Perry Wellness Center. Five minutes after this photo was taken, most of the plums were gone!

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