Canna Lilies

The campus of Perry Wellness Center seeks to be a welcoming place, with growing plants, garden structures, colorful signage, and water features throughout. For visitors using the lower level parking lot, the PWC experience begins before even leaving the car.

There, the upper garden wall is a riot of Canna lilies. This brightly colored perennial displays tropical foliage and large flowers shaped like irises. Petal colors include red, yellow, and orange, while foliage may be green, maroon, bronze, or variegated. Staff believe that the variety covering the garden wall is the Florence Vaughan lily.

Canna lilies bring a touch of exotic shapes and long-lasting colors to any garden. As a bonus, they are low-maintenance plants and quite easy to grow. Our favorite garden plants are a combination of showy and hardy, and canna lilies are a perfect example.

We encourage market visitors to check out our “wall of flowers” while they are in the area.

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