Happy Thanksgiving Photos 800x800The holidays are hopping at Perry Wellness Center, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and also welcome the Christmas season.

The center has just reopened its Christmas tree lot. This year’s theme is: I AM. Our colorful sign reads, “I am GREAT, PERFECT, FABULOUS, ENCOURAGING and POWERFUL.” It serves as a reminder about the achievement of goals by both staff and peers at the center.

We’ll tell our readers more about our fantastic Douglas fir Christmas trees in an upcoming post. But today we want to put out our annual seasonal reminder: Many individuals with mental health or substance abuse problems feel isolated during the holidays. If you have a neighbor or colleague who might be alone this Thanksgiving, think about setting another place at the holiday table. Or drop by to see the anxious, older relative who doesn’t like to go out. Share your blessings with those who need them most.

And have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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