Speech therapy

Because Perry Wellness Center operates a a peer program in support of individuals with mental health or substance abuse problems, one might assume that the daily schedule is primarily based on behavioral health training and counseling. But as longtime supporters know, total mind/body wellness is the goal of the center. An individual's mental health, for example, can be worsened by problems with everything from unemployment to boredom to communication problems. That's why it is not unusual to see peers gardening, playing games, exercising, or improving their reading comprehension during a typical day.

Certified peer specialists and other staff often look for a “teachable moment” to assist peers in learning new skills. One recent example occurred when Ric Vogt, CPS, and peer Sean Thigpen spent some time doing speech correction exercises. Ric demonstrated vowel sounds and the appropriate mouth, tongue, and facial muscle placements that accompanied them. Sean was soon making the sounds correctly, and was encouraged to build on this success with daily practice at home. Good work, guys! 

In the photo, Sean Thigpen practices proper sound formation with peer specialist Ric Vogt. 


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