Donkey and Baby JesusOur staff recently came together for its annual Christmas party. We’ll share more on that later, but wanted to take the time to share a special poem, "Just a Little Donkey," that was read by Pam Perry at the end of the party. Written by Rita S. Beer, the poem reminds us that even the humblest among us can have a major role in making the world a better place. There’s no better time to remember this fact than during this Christmas season:

Just a little donkey, but on my back I bore

The one and only Savior the world was waiting for.

Just a little donkey, but I was strong and proud –

I gladly carried Mary through the chaos of the crowd.

I brought her to a stable where she made a tiny bed,

A place for Baby Jesus to lay his little head.

I pray the world remembers that special Christmas night

When just a little donkey carried Heaven’s Precious Light.


Stay dry today and stay safe over the long holiday weekend. Merry Christmas!!

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